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Monday, May 20, 2013

Sailability...and introducing * M I M I *

The day started out taking JoJo to Sailability on the Clyde River

Sailboats all lined up

taking off

all finished now!!!

Having fish'n chips for lunch at Innes Boat Shed

Then to avoid a CD shop on the way back to the car as we had already bought a CD that morning I thought we would walk around the block another way and totally forgot that the pet shop had moved there!!!

     And what did we see there......
this gorgeous little labrador pup!!!
JoJo fell in love with her straight away......
We used to have a labrador a few years ago now that JoJo was really close to......
her name was Annie and JoJo has never forgotten her!!!

JoJo could never say 'Annie'......she would say 'Mimi' and this is what she called this little one

2 days later I took Mr Armchair in to have a look at the little pup and within minutes he said 'okay we'll get her' she is being strapped up for the car trip home

Looking very cute.......and she was perfect on the way home in the car

Out the back......

A few days later it was off the vet as she had her injections due......

Getting weighed in

Up on the table

And the view across the road from the vet's!!!

Can you believe the next day JoJo actually said 'Annie'.......but we went with 'Mimi'
Mimi is turning be an exceptional little friend for JoJo just like Annie was!!!

We think JoJo and Mimi are going to be great mates!!!

I've been a little quiet in Blogland due to Mimi......and am at the moment getting involved in a Melodrama at Mogo Gold Rush Colony....I'll be back with more on that!!!


Cathy said...

Hi Dzintra!
Wow...what gorgeous pictures! I love the water but don't get to see it very often. Thanks for sharing~

I am in love with Mimi! What a little beautfy~ She looks so sweet and lovable~ I hope JoJo and Mimi enjoy many happy years together in love! ♥♥♥

Susan said...

Welcome to Mimi. She looks like such a sweetie, I couldn't have left her in the shop either. They bring so much love into our lives, she will be a wonderful companion for you all.

Nat Palaskas said...

Hi MiMi, cute little pup. She is the best thing for JoJo, well done Mr Armchair! Hugs Nat

Lynn said...

What a happy post. Good thing you skipped the cd shopping! Enjoy your new puppy, I'll bet Jojo and Mimi will be best of friends.

Maria said...

What a beautiful little puppy! No wonder you couldn't leave her at the pet shop, Dzintra! lol

Lurline said...

I think you have won us all with your new addition - she's gorgeous!
Hugs - Lurline.

A Magical Whimsy said...

Mimi is adorable! She would melt my heart too! So happy for JoJo.
Teresa in California
I am participating in Anita's 'Simply Irresistible French Blog Party' all week long with a new post everyday about France! It's been fun!

shez said...

awww she is so cute and what a beautiful friend for Jo Jo,some things are just meant to be Dzintra.xx

Jo in TAS said...

It sounds to me like Mimi was meant to be! A lovely addition to your happy home. Does Jo Jo enjoy the sailing? It looks like fun!

Kath said...

How lovely, I'm sure the 2 of them will be great friends and Mimi will be a well loved addition to your family xx

Rachaeldaisy said...

Oh my golly, Mimi is so cute!!! She and JoJo are going to be such great friends and have such fun times together. The sailing day looks like lots of fun too!!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My heart just fell out of my chest and onto the floor......

OH MY GOODNESS is this little rascal so cute. Yellow labs are my absolute favorites with chocolate and black labs ranking just as high! Then the wire haired fox terrier comes in by a nose!!!!

Well I must say that this was a magical day for all, especially the wonderful Jo Jo! To have her dad give the green light and actually go get Mimi, what more could a girl want?

Give that puppy a squeeze for me, and Jo Jo too! LOVE TO YOU DZINTRA!

(I love the pup's little tummy! She looks like a little piglet when they are born!)

Fiona said...

well done JoJo with the sailing... I have always thought it looks fun .... how cute is your new puppy.... watch out slippers!!

Yvonne W said...

A great welcome to Mimi. She will be a great friend ( and vice versa) to Jojo. I LOVE labs-- as you know we adored our black lab-- Tess! We have put off getting another just yet--- but you never know-- if we come across a pup accidentally like you did! Enjoy the new member to your family.

Anne @ Domesblissity said...

Awww, how cute Dzintra! I love puppies and have two of my own. Well, they're not puppies anymore. Never had a lab but any dog is cute as a puppy.

Anne xx

Palomasea said...

DZINTRA!!! Congratulations to all of you on this darling new addition to the family! Oh my dear, Mimi is precious and beautiful and I can imagine how much JoJo adores her... much fun...and LOVE!!!
And how exciting for JoJo to sail on such a gorgeous day...
Much love to you,
Give that sweet puppy a kiss from me please! :)))
Big hugs,
- Irina

Grethe said...

Oh, what a nice story! Love the little puppy, many happy times for Jo-Jo and Mini to come:-)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

DZINTRA MY BELOVED FRIEND! How nice to know you came by! I wonder why you had such a hard time entering? I bet it's all the GIFS (moving photos) that slow down the entry process?

How is little Mimi doing? She may not be so little anymore, as Labs tend to grow rather quickly! Is Jo Jo loving her so? I thank you so much for leaving me a message and also for looking in on the party. I was sensational! Cheers to you dearest, and I WILL be visiting blogs, just concentrating more on my writing class. BUT I WILL BE BACK! Anita

Palomasea said...

Happy Weekend, Dear Friend!

Thank you so much for popping in to see the cook up, it was so much fun!!
You know in my mind I'm always sharing that meal with YOU! :)

How are you feeling? Much better, I hope...and is little Mimi a handful? She is so precious.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, dearest Dzintra!
Love to you,
- Irina

Carin Aschan said...

It's so nice to have a little friend like that sweet puppy!

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