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Monday, June 6, 2016

~Chookshed Sewing Weekend Celebration~

I happily joined Chookyblue celebrate The Chookshed's 4th Birthday
I put Mr Armchair in charge and said I was sewing all weekend

What started off with pleasant rain and coolness which is perfect for an inside sewing day quickly over the weekend turned into devastation down the East Coast of Australia 
including our own South Coast

My aim on Saturday was to get these borders on to this Quilt,  Past Times
Well that didn't happen in a hurry as a bit of fiddling was done
I started early afternoon

And then what seemed like only a couple of hours Mr Armchair brought up to me an anticipated Happy Hour lol
Time to call it Quits now

And success yay borders on the next day
Mr Armchair hanging the Quilt top over the balcony

This quilt is made up of 15 Fat Quarters all taken from my stash and some are quite dated in 
Country Style but hey they look good and come together really well I think
Even a couple of reproduction fabrics are in there
Somehow they all work together!!!

After rain all day Saturday plus overnight and into Sunday we thought we'd take a little drive around the beaches and see what was happening
Lots of leaves on the ground
A few branches here and there
and a wild surf
Here we are coming down on to Casey's Beach

Down the hill

and then on to Denham's Beach

which was quite wild out to sea
See in the distance the wave hitting a small rocky outcrop/island

And then looking on to Surf Beach and Denham Beach from Wimbie Beach

Wimbie Beach
Our beaches are normally quite tame with not a heap for surfing due to the Bay
so this was all quite something to see

So back home now and I thought I would cut some more pieces for Farm Girl Vintage
yet another quilt I didn't need to start but I've had the fabric for a while now
and come Birthday time I bought myself the book
so what's a Gal to do!!!
Besides I cannot resist starting a new project lol

Lovely 30's Playtime Fabric

And a bit more cut up for the box
I think there are about 7 blocks to go out of 72 

Having done that I thought I would do another block of Sylvia's Bridal Sampler inspired by the 
Elm Creek books by Jennifer Chiaverini
and of course there was a black out

After quite a while power was back and I was into Block 54-40 or Fight
and that's where I left it

All in all a lovely weekend of sewing 
Thank you Chookyblue for hosting this fabulous weekend again

May you have many, many more!!!


 My Heart goes out to the people whose homes and livelihood are affected by all the devastation of this weekend including the families of those people who have tragically passed away
Sending Hugs and Prayers to you all

Dzintra xo


Chookyblue...... said...

I like your quilt very much........great to get it finished......
yes very wild weather up and down the coast.......
Like the other projects you worked on too........glad the power didn't stay off.....

Fee said...

I enjoyed my visit to your blog today. Great job with your sewing xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dear one! The weather HERE is turning violent, as I type. I am supposed to drive into work though school is over. I need to check out with the front office, and I was supposed to take photos outside today! But it doesn't look like that is to happen! I wish you safety and peace, and happiness as you continue to sew!

KimM said...

Zowie-Kabowie - busy girl with lots of progress. Thank you for sharing the pictures of the beaches.....the ocean looks angry and wild. I hope this is over for you all and the sun is out again with a calm sea.

Susan said...

It sure has been a wild and woolly few days. Glad you got to spend most of the weekend sewing in the warm. I love your quilt, scrappy always works. X

Janice said...

You were very productive over the weekend. Isn't Mr Armchair a treasure to help make it happen. Your finished quilt top looks to be the perfect colours for this time of year. Thanks for sharing the wild weather pics. It certainly has been a rough weekend on the coast.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dzintra love your quilt,well done my friend .
Boy those beach pics look scary,yes so many people have lost so much,my heart goes out to them as well.
How gorgeous is Mr Armchair,he is one in a million my friend,hope you are all well,i am done with the flu at the moment xx

Raewyn said...

Wow what a weekend, you were very productive and your Mr was lovely looking after your every need :-) Your quilt top lookls great and how satisfying to make it from stash! Those beaches sure looked wild, I hope everything is calm again now.

Karen's Korner said...

What a busy weekend you had. I hope that you did not experience any damage during the wild weather that kept most of us eastern seaborders inside. said...

Oh no, another quilt I might have to make. I really like the quilts you choose to make.
Kathleen Mary

kiwikid said...

Well done for getting the borders on your quilt, I like the fabrics you have put together. Well done My Armchair for taking charge for the weekend and for providing the happy hour snacks!! Boy the sea was raging near you wasn't it, I hope it is settled and calm now. Was very sad to see the damage around the Sydney beaches and to hear people were lost. Good to see the Silvias block coming along, made me think of how women used to sew by candle light way back.

Rachaeldaisy said...

That was such a crazy weather weekend. It's great to see all the fun projects you worked on in celebration of Chookys shed anniversary.

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