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Sunday, July 31, 2016

~A Harry Potter Day...The Cursed Child~

Well today......Sunday...... I woke up
  and headed off to my Sewing Room as usual for a Sunday morning to potter (no pun here lol) around
At 10.00 am Of course I checked Instagram and saw that a lot of Book Stores were selling the new 
Harry Potter Book, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
which the shops were permitted to sell at 9.01 am
and just like that I said to Mr Armchair and JoJo come on we're going to town to pick up my pre-ordered copy!!!
No Breakfast, no cuppa........Nothing!!!

I said to JoJo go and get a Wizard Hat
I went and got my Harry Potter Sorting Hat, Hogwarts T Shirt and Gryffindor Scarf
JoJo put on her Ravenclaw Tshirt
and we were off
You've never seen us move so fast lol

Woo hoo we have our books
Lots of photos were taken!!!
That was pretty cool!!!

My Friend Leanne saw us and popped in and we later had a coffee with her
Here she is with JoJo who is posing away with her book!!!

We even made it to the Store's Facebook page!!!

I came home and put my book into a corner with my Hogwarts and Gryffindor Tower sign
together with my version of the Cat at Hogwarts Mrs Norris
My Mrs Norris is a Patchwork Cat with reproduction colours from the 17th century

An awesome morning
I really should be doing my OPAM (One Project A Month) Post but I'll do that one tomorrow!!!

A Happy Week to all my Readers......Dzintra


Diane-crewe said...

looks like you had a FUN time x ... the sewing will be there when you get back to it xx

Rachaeldaisy said...

Dzintra, you and JoJo are so cool for dressing up and racing to the bookshop to get the latest Harry Potter book. What fun!! You make me want to read the books again and catch up on the story.

Susan said...

Harry Potter has certainly touched my family in the same big way. The boys don't dress up anymore but they used to for every new book release. I'm so glad you and Jojo still enjoy the magic.

Fiona said...

Good for you.. drop everything and go for a once in a lifetime opportunity.... looks like heaps of fun was had...

Nat Palaskas said...

You two look the parts. They would sources you for the next Harry Potter! Enjoy!

I am said...

Hi Dzintra ,wow how exciting for you both,love the pics of you and JoJo ,you both looked the part

Deb R said...

Ohhh what fun! will have to pick up my copy too!!!!

kiwikid said...

What a great way to spend a morning!! Love your sorting hat! You and Jo Jo look so happy!!

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