This blog is all about me......I come here for respite in between caring for JoJo (our Daughter who has Special Needs)......I am addicted to starting new projects......I am becoming a fabric-a-holic... I love to try out recipes... take a beach walk and breathe in that salty blue to have coffee...sip a glass of a book......I am Queen of the Armchair and am inspired by all the wonderful blogs out there!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

OPAM (One Project A Month) May

5 items for OPAM this month
and they all are Heat Bags

all with a little label attached.

Also a little headband for me out of a Fat 1/4

And one for JoJo for her old bush hat

Here they are both together!!!

Thank You Sweet Peg and her Partner in Crime Kris for hosting OPAM again....
Love being in this at it inspired me to get something together!!!

Now I better get cracking and get back to my Quilt Top as part of The Chooksheds Birthday celebrations!!!

Friday, May 29, 2015

'Celebrating The Chookshed'

These are my completed blocks for the quilt 'Past Times' that I did in a Workshop a little while ago

A few other completed blocks all made from my Fat Quarter stash

They've been sitting in this basket waiting for just the right time and this weekend it is!!!
All to celebrate The Chookshed's 3rd Birthday
If you want to sign up go over here and say hi to our Hostess with the Mostest......Donna aka Chookyblue.......woohoo I'm still coughing but determined to turn these blocks into a Quilt Top this weekend

Bring It On......A Cheers to you all for a very productive weekend......Dzintra xo

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Giveaway Dilly Received and Chookyblues Party

I've just come back from a very relaxing few days in the Snowy Mountains with a Carer Group and wouldn't you know it I've fallen victim to a 'flu now and can barely speak, coughing etc......just what I need with Chooky's Birthday Sewing Celebrations this weekend!!!

Meanwhile last week this perfect happy Dilly Bag arrived from Rachaeldaisy as my win from a giveaway.......absolutely gorgeous RAchael and I'm still looking at it!!!!!!   Thank You so's just perfect!!!!!

She also popped in this little Monet Card.......very exciting as I plan to visit there!!!!!!

Meanwhile thank you all my lovely readers and blog friends for calling in and leaving your comments.......I read and appreciate every single one.........I haven't been able to get back to everybody especially over the last few days and now that I'm not feeling so well.......hope I'm quickly on the mend so that I can sew along with you all this weekend!!!!!

Meanwhile Take Care.......Dzintra xo

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Gift Received...Fat 1/4 Birthday Swap

I have finally received my Birthday Swap gift from Wendy
and if felt like my Birthday all over again
Above is a lovely selection of reproduction fabrics received from Wendy

All the gifts received before unwrapping

And here they all are
Thank you so much Wendy and a big THANK YOU Swap Mumma Chez for organizing this fun swap!!!

Dzintra xo

Monday, May 11, 2015

~Surprise flowers for Mother's Day this Morning~

This morning when walking out the front door Mr Armchair saw these gorgeous flowers at the front door........a surprise for me for Mother's Day (although they should have arrived yesterday)
How beautiful are they........lovely Paeonies and Pink Carnations
Thank You so very, very much Darling Girl
And when speaking to her later on she said I could enjoy Mother's Day all over again so I think I just might do that!!!

JoJo chose a lovely beaded necklace for me with a shell butterfly and she also made a lovely velvety card 
Mr Armchair gave me some new Body Lotion, Aerin by Estee Lauder

A little reading material here
I've been staring at this boxed set of Game of Thrones since Christmas
Obviously I stared hard enough and they are here lol
Also a lovely book by local Author Susan Southam the same Author of Velvet Pears
These beautiful books tell the story of Foxglove Spires at Tilba......

Last year my Son (who is back safely now from trekking) gave me some Champagne that we had for lunch yesterday set up by Mr Armchair

We also went and saw the 50 year celebration  of Sound of JoJo's request!!!

Meanwhile my Sister Brigita sent me a lovely pic of her together with my Mum

so I sent one back to her of one of me and JoJo

A lovely Mother's Day and a lovely day

Hope all you Mums out there also enjoyed your Mother's Day

Till next time......Dzintra

Saturday, May 9, 2015

~Birthday Fat 1/4 Club~

This year I thought it would be fun to join up in a Fat Quarter Birthday Swap
I joined up with Swap Mumma Chez this year
The deal is that you are assigned 9 people to send a Fat 1/4 to in one of their designated favourite fabrics and make a Special Gift for one of these Participants

I chose Reproduction Fabric/French General in rich dark colours
Bonnie & Camille/Thimbleblossoms
and fresh red/aqua/white

A Downton Abbey fabric......what fun as I'd never seen it before
Thank you so much Yvonne

This one is a repro fabric by Judie Rothermel/Marcus Fabrics
Thank you so much dear Chooky

This one another repro by Jo Morton for Andover Fabrics
Thank you Michelle

The green fabric is Cinnamon Spice by Blackbird Designs for Moda
Not sure of the red one
Thank you so much Chez

 Fabric by Bonnie and Camille
Thank you Barb

Happy-go-Lucky here
Thank you Claire

French General here
Thank you Anthea

And last but not least this one from Debbie

With one to go plus special gift from Wendy
I'll put this one in when it arrives

Thank you so much everyone
I love all my new fabrics and little extras

And a big thank you to Chez for organising this wonderful swap

Now to go and play with my new fabrics

Happy Weekend everyone......Dzintra xo

Friday, May 1, 2015

OPAM (One Project A Month) April

Just a small project for OPAM this month......this Stitchery will help make up our annual Raffle Quilt for my Needlework Group later in the year.

Thank you for hosting this once again Peg and Kris!!!

Happy Stitching......Dzintra xo

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