This blog is all about me......I come here for respite in between caring for JoJo (our daughter who has a disability)......I am addicted to starting new projects......I am becoming a fabric-a-holic... I love to try out recipes... take a beach walk and breathe in that salty blue to have coffee...sip a glass of a book......I am Queen of the Armchair and am inspired by all the wonderful blogs out there!!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

A Catch Up Post

Mr Armchair is having a few issues with his leg at the moment
Blood tests are clear as is an x-Ray so it's off for an MRI to see what is going on
This means double-duty caring for me along with JoJo
But nevertheless we had some respite care booked for night out at our local Indian Restaurant so he hobbled along to that

I couldn't have the Nan Bread as it isn't gluten free but was very happy with my crisp and crunchy

Only 2 gluten free Entrees so I chose this Lamb Mince Roll with A Mint Sauce......very, very tasty!
Beef Rogan Josh for him......Chicken for me and Sultana and Saffron Rice
No Dessert for me......they seem to put Wheat Flour into everything......this time in the Mango Purée which is behind the Cream and Wafer.  
We thoroughly enjoyed a few hours off and was inspired to go here after seeing The Hundred Foot Journey.

Couldn't resist this little pic of my gorgeous Great Nephew Connor

And in my sewing world I am working on my Faerie Quilt and enjoying collecting my Aurifil Thread Collection from Sarah

I'm having a bit of trouble keeping up with commenting on everyone's blogs but I do read them's how I start my day before JoJo's up and when she is it's Game On along with Mr A as well.

Have a great week Dear Readers......Dzintra

Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Beach Walk and after the Storm

This is the pathway I follow to get down to the beach
It was just magic this morning......all sparkling and glistening

There were 4 board riders with paddles and one couldv'e sworn that they were Protectors of the Swimmers......if you look closely you can spot the people's heads there......almost like a Guard of Honour
A few weeks ago after one of our regular nightly storms Mr Armchair called me out to the balcony to look at the colours of the sky......I quickly grabbed the  phone as it was handy and snapped these!!!!!!

Ain't Nature just Grand with all Her colours!!!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

~OPAM (One Project A Month) January~

I've signed up for OPAM again for this year with Sweet Peg and Gorgeous Kris again hosting for this year
2 Items completed this month
The first is a Kit for an Armchair Caddy above with some of the fabrics required......tape.......buttons and a couple of other little goodies

Coming together

All done and looking good next to some flavoured coffee I received for Christmas off my Mum

And the other one is my  little Parisian Purse I showed off over here

So pleased I have 2 items this month
Now I better get cracking on my next Tilda project

Thank you Peg and Kris for encouraging us in completing projects once again

Happy Stitching......Dzintra

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

~Cook Up With donna hay and Irina~

Just before Christmas saw me do another Cook Up with donna hay and Irina

from donna hay magazine Issue 76 Aug/Sep 2014
Menu for the evening was

Chicken in White Wine with Lemon Potatoes (recipe over here)
Rose and Raspberry Trifles (recipe over here)
and I couldn't resist trying the
Cherry and Cardamom Pound Cake

Instead of Dry White Wine in the Chicken I used Dry Cider

The Chicken just about ready

Instead of Artichoke I used Snow Peas from our garden and some Sweet Potato

All dressed with Parmesan Cheese
and very tasty indeed!!!

The Trifle in an Eiffel Tower glass

Looking down into it

The Cake in the background
I couldn't stop at 1 Dessert to make I had to try out the Cherry and Cardamom Cake
After all it would be good for the next day's Morning Coffee, right?!

Well we couldn't resist just a little piece lol

Better get cracking as another Cook Up is waaaay overdue!!!

Bon Appetit........Dzintra

Monday, January 26, 2015

~The Swap Pledge of Integrity~

I'm taking part in a Birthday Club Swap hosted by Dory this year and as requested have undertaken the Swap Pledge of Integrity......

This entails


I (Dzintra) will try my utmost...
·        To always swap on time.
·        To always email a THANK YOU to my partner.
·        To be considerate and thoughtful when choosing a gift.
·        To give my partner the quality of gift that I would like to receive.
·        To communicate when it’s required.
·        To NEVER over commit and let a partner down.
·        To advise the swap mama when I receive my gift.

This I sewomly pledge....

And Thank You so much Dory......what a great idea

I'm sure we all appreciate it!!!

Looking forward to the Swap this year Girls......Dzintra 

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