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Sunday, November 17, 2013

~17th November 1973.....A Very Special Anniversary~

Well who can believe this
today is our 40th Wedding Anniversary
Holey Dooley where did the time go!!!!!!!!

Me and Hubby after the ceremony

My Step-Grandfather and my Grandmother

Doing the circle saying 'bye to everyone on the night I met up with Hubby
My Godmother is on the left

My Godfather Robert who took the pics on the night sadly passed away not too long ago
Here he is with me

My Mother is to my left
I think we're looking a bit worried here LOL!!!

Our wedding invitations using a traditional Latvian sign 
I am now using my Latvian name and Ingrid is my middle name

And sadly my Dad passed away before I was married

Our first place we lived in in Wollstonecraft, Sydney

We built our first home in the Blue Mountains in Blackheath and stayed 10 years

Ten years later we went to further inland to a little place called Peel outside Bathurst
No street garbage service and no town water
But I loved it all......some of my best years would have to have been spent there
Above is a painting of the house by Lindsay

We then moved down to Bungendore outside of Canberra
and lasted 4 years before we made a Sea Change

That was the name of the house but since moving here Hubby has take down the sign as he thought it looked poxy!!!

Our first baby James
pic taken on our 2nd wedding anniversary at Port Stephens

James Christening Day

James with his baby Sister Jacqueline

and here's little JoJo

One of my favourite pics of all time taken at Peel

Jacqueline at 4
I recently gave her this little coat for  her daughter

Jacqueline's Wedding Day

And her first baby Ryan........our first Grandbaby

with Ryan

A couple of years later we all welcomed Ryan's Sister Lidija

from the country to the sea
above is a pic of our small flock of sheep next to the old dunny which had newspaper pinned on to the back of the door from the 1800's

JoJo and James

Today we headed down to Bermagui and stopped at Blue Earth Cafe

Boats at Bermagui

And just to compare 1973

and 2013

We bought ourselves a little setting for our top balcony.......the turquoise one
My friend Geo (no blog) said it should be a ruby one LOL!!!

My gift from Mr Armchair!!!
Happy Happy Anniversary to us!!!

I thought I would dedicate this post to my Beloved Dad.......Mans Mils Papins

Love Dzintra xo


Judith said...

What à wonderful blogpost, your whole Married live brought to us in pics, thanks for sharing. Both of you haven't changed all that much! Enjoy your anniversary

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOw, I have tears....

40 years is a long but glorious life's-worth of memory-making my friend and you have done it well. To see you both so young in BOTH stages of your lives is a gorgeous testimony that family and love keep one moving toward an internal youth. Lovely walk with you down your memory lane!

YOU LOOK SO WONDERFUL! And your grandbaby boy is so cute!


Lurline said...

Howl very beautiful! What's wonderful journey. xx

RitaGri said...

Sveicieni jūsu kāzu jubilejā! Jums kāzas notika zīmīgā datumā - pirms Latvijas dzimšanas dienas. Ļoti jauks posts ar atmiņām bildēs. Arī tavs vīrs ir latviešu izcelsmes - Gundars?

Terry said...

Wonderful Post. The milestones are a time to look both ways back and forward.
May the Lord grant you both many more memories to treasure.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Congratulations to you both on your 40th Anniversary! What a truely special occasion. It's been wonderful seeing all these photos and hearing the story of your lives together.

Liene said...

Daudz laimes!!! Congratulations on the anniversary, and sveiks svētkos (tomorrow, the 18th). x Liene

Susan said...

Congratulations to you both, on a happy life lived with so much love. Wonderful photos of your journey. X

Fiona said...

Oh Happy Anniversary and a lovely ruby gift for you... I just loved this post and seeing a bit of your life...xx

Bev C said...

Happy Anniversary to you both Dzintra, a real journey through time. You must have had fun creating this post.

Happy days.

Anonymous said...

happy 40th anniversary D intra,i hope you both have a wonderful day and thankyou for sharing your beautiful pics,what a handsome man your dad was,big hugs my friend.xx

Nat Palaskas said...

Happy Anniversary my dear Dzintra! Lovely memories of the photos. I'm glad I new some of the places you lived in. Many more happy years to come. Happy Latvian's Day today too!


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Happy Anniversary to you both...what wonderful haven't changed a bit....the photos of the kids are gorgeous, Jo Jo is like a china doll...thanks for sharing your 40 years Dzintra...

Anne M said...

Oh congratulations to you and your husband Dzintra! That's just wonderful. What a wonderful walk down memory lane. Your Dad looks very much like my Dad. Your story is just beautiful. What a lovely couple.

Anne xx

Anita said...

HAPY anniversary! Such a milestone! Thanks for a lovely blogpost and sharing your family with us.

Kath said...

Happy Anniversary and here's to many more happy years together.
I so loved seeing your photos. i especially couldn't stop looking at your Dad, what an interesting and handsome face! and little Jo-jo with her apple cheeks, what a little doll.
I have to say, you and the Mr have not changed much at all and of course you still have your dazzling smile. What a gorgeous couple you are.

Cardygirl said...

What a beautiful post....happy anniversary!

Kim said...

Oh I love this story! Wonderful! thank you so much for sharing your life!

Ruth K said...

Thanks for sharing, and you haven't changed to much you're still a gorgeous woman, because between you and I: Mr. armchair was very lucky to have such a beautiful bride.Congratulations to both of you!

Ruth K said...

Thanks for sharing, and you haven't changed to much you're still a gorgeous woman, because between you and I: Mr. armchair was very lucky to have such a beautiful bride.Congratulations to both of you!

Palomasea said...

I am so late here, dear Dzintra, but please let me wish you and your sweetheart a VERY Happy Anniversary...Congratulations!!! You are both gorgeous as ever, and your deep love for each other and your family is palpable...
Thank you for sharing your splendid photos and beautiful story!! I love seeing family photos!
Many, many blessings to you both!!
- Irina

Chookyblue...... said...

congrats on 40 years.........gone in a flash.........

Grethe said...

How lovely to see and read. What great memories sorted out like this. Just like a sweet fairy tail, that's how it should lovely put together. So congratulation on your 40 years ,thanks for charging, especially loved the 1973/2013 pictures :-)

Kaisievic said...

Gorgeous post, such wonderful memories and a wonderful life shared together.
Congratulations to you both and thanks for sharing.
hugs, Kaye

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you both

mumasu said...

Congratulations :) You look as happy together now as you did on your wedding day x

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