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Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween...and some Blood Sucking Brownies...and Stitchers Angel all set to go!!!

Oh WOW!!! How excited am I...I have won a Blog Banner...a very special Halloween one...
from Annabelle !!!
Annabelle had a little competition on her Blog to win this Banner...answer a few simple as that!!!
If you get a chance hop on over to visit Annabelle...a wonderful Digital Artist...with a bit of poetry added...exploring the world of Edgar Allan Poe and the likes...and Vampires!!!
A wonderful Blog to visit!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAR ANNABELLE...I love my new Banner...and so look forward to next Halloween!!!
For now I think I'll keep it up for a little while to admire it!!!
Meanwhile...on Halloween...seems so long ago now...I put our 2 Owls together with a slice of Blood Sucking Brownie!!!

Couldn't let the evening go by without Harry's appearance...Thank you Vicki!!!

'Snapped' coming down the stairs with not 1 but 2 Wands LOL and our very special Harry Potter Sorting Hat...all the way from California...from Vicki
Vicki has a very special bit'oearth on the Coast over there...and wow, you should check out her pumpkins...and have a guess as to the weight of sure is a whopper!!!

JoJo's hat for the evening!!!

We had 2 lots of trick-or-treaters...the first was a pair of little boys with a shopping bag full of treats...and here is the 2nd lot...2 young Mums with their little brood digging in to the treats!!!

With the trick-or-treaters!!!

Chocolate Bars and lollies!!!

'Blood Sucking Brownie'...
very delicious and this recipe will be used all year round here...Summer and Winter!!!
Served with raspberries and strawberry topping...topped with ice cream...would do just as well with cream...or both...any Season!!!
Recipe from Better Homes and Gardens...latest issue and made by Fast Ed...
With me back at classes the weeks are flying by but I have finally managed to parcel my goodies off to my Stitchers Angel partner...these should arrive any day now!!!
Stitchers Angel is run by Helen annually...whereby Stitchers put their name in to get a Secret Partner...followed by free Stitchery patterns...pick 3 and away you go!!!
You stitch for somebody...and you get 3 projects back from a Secret Angel!!!
A great idea Helen...and Thank You for enabling Stitchers the world over to come together!!!

If you celebrated Halloween/All Hallowe's Eve/Samhain this year...I hope you had a 'spooky' great time with lots of treats!!!
Have a great week everyone...Dzintra


Notjustnat said...

Hey Dzubtra you look great in the red/pink grown and hat. You do look the part. I love your new banner too, congratulations on winning it. What a fun post this one is - Hugs Nat

Lurline said...

A lovely, scary Post for Halloween, LOL!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Sandi said...

Great halloween banner!
Love the owls. We have a mother and baby Tawny Frogmouth (similar to your owls) nesting out the front at the moment - so cute.
The brownie looks rather delish!
Looks like you had lots of halloween fun at your house this year - great costumes too.

Fer said...

Trick or Treat hasn't really taken off here in Tas. In some ways I'm glad because I'm never prepared with treats!

Glad you and JoJo had a great time.

Margaret said...

Chocolate brownies , my favourite and now with berries and ice cream ---- tomorrow is brownie making day, funny I just bought cooking chocolate, now your post has really urged me on.

Simone de Klerk said...

What a wonderful post! I love you coming down those stairs with you costume. You could be a movie star. ANd Joanna with her beautiful hat!
The treats - could you please bring them over here. Those brownies look so yummy, I will have to make them one day. I'll wait for Laura to help me and join the fun!

Mildred said...

What fun costumes and delicious sounding brownies! The banner is adorable!

Bev C said...

Hello Dzintra, I don't know who is cuter you JoJo or your new banner.So glad to hear you all had a great time.Love the photo of you coming down the stairs.

Kath said...

Ooh I had a good look in the trick or treat goodie bag, in csae you were giving my Rocky road away :D
I'm off to Anabelles now, I fancy a change! Kath xx

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Blood Sucking Brownies!!! -giggles- Now that's got to catch anyone's attention!


Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

YAY!!! Dzintra, you look fabulous!!! JoJo too! Wow, congratulations on your Halloween party! What fun~ Annabelle's banner is wonderful too! xx Vicki

Granny Lyn said...

Looks like you had sooo much fun!! and then to top it all off with Blood Sucking Brownies!! ohh, i'm going to have to look up that recipe!

and the banner is awesome!! I'd leave it up for a while, too!

kanishk said...

You do look the part. I love your new banner too, congratulations on winning it. Work from home India

bluebird-lyn said...

Hello Dzintra, congratulations on winning your new had a merry time...not sure about Blood Sucking Brownies though...LOL...Warm Regards Lyn

Annabelle said...

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble,

Dzintra,you look so Boo-tiful!!!

I guess there was no question what to be for Halloween?
With that very gorgeous sorting hat and cape you look the part my dreary!!!
Be “Witch” ing

Hugs Annabelle

Millie said...

Forget Queen of the Armchair Dzintra - I reckon you are Queen of the Good Witches - you looked absolutely fabulous!
Millie ^_^

Micki said...

I love your Halloween celebration and the incredible food that you served.
So glad that you all had fun!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Dzintra
Thanks for visiting my blog!! Always wonderful to meet new friends and seems we have a few things in common. Our love for Cathy's work, both Aussie, and I see here... a love of the moon!!!

I always do a moon post every month so hope you will enjoy them...

Love your Halloween post here.. you look FAb!! Hardly anyone in Sydney makes much effort for Halloween but I did see a little ghost riding down the street on her scooter... looked so cute!! haha

I suspect I can guess where you live.. probably wrong of course.. but just looking at your gorgeous beach!!!

Have a fun weekend... am so glad you got your seachange.. hope for me yet! .... Julie

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