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Friday, November 20, 2009

Easy Peasy Swap...Easy Peasy Clafoutis AND 2 Awards!!!

Wow what a week this has been!!!

Summer has certainly arrived here on the Coast...lovely hot days...some with a little breeze, perfect to get into that water this weekend!!!

A couple of weeks ago I signed up for an Easy Peasy Swap with Vicki ...

no sewing involved...just send 2 Fat Quarters to your Partner...along with a metre/yard of ribbon/trim...and 2 Festive buttons...

My Partner was Katie over in America and here are my received goodies...

2 very Wintery looking Fat Quarters...more than a metre of red ribbon...a pack of Festive buttons and a treat...a homemade Snowman Hot Chocolate mix...enough to make 6 cups!!!

Opening the parcel was like opening a little Winter Wonderland...
as Christmas in the Land Down Under is usually quite warm if not very hot!!!
Thank you so much Katie ...I am thoroughly enjoying my Easy Peasy Swap package...
and Thank You Vicki for hosting this fun little Swap just before Christmas!!!

And look what I found while up in the 'big smoke'...

little post it labels to mark recipes in favourite magazines/cookbooks...

how cool are they!!!

A few weeks ago while it was still cool I used these frozen berries to make a Cherry Clafoutis...but mine was Berry Clafoutis...
Clafoutis is batter based dessert from Limousin in the centre of France...
I thought I would try using gluten free flour to see how it worked...

Mixing the ingredients...

Ready for the oven...

All ready...dust with icing sugar...add more berries...

With some cream...all went well!!!

So far the few recipes I have tried substituting gluten free flour for regular flour have worked really well!!!

I have discovered this fabulous book using only 4 ingredients...

from it tonight I have made a cheesecake base using rice biscuits...almond meal...butter...
Hopefully tomorrow I will make the cheesecake for Dessert to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary which was this week...along with a cook-up with Vicki from Donna Hay magazine!!!

This week saw me receive this Over The Top Award from Bev ...
Along with this Award came some 'over the top' questions so I'll have a go at answering them here!!!

Where is your cell phone...on my table
Your Mother...well
Your Father...missed
Favourite the moment I am partial to Maggi Beer's Pate
Your dream last night...don't know
Favourite drink...tonight cold white wine
Your dream/ do the best I can
What room are you in...home office
Your hobby...varied
Your fear...who'll do the caring when we're gone
Where do you want to be in 6 years....healthy
Where were you last night...home
Something that you aren't...nasty
Muffins...gluten free only
Wish list item...a holiday with Hubby sounds good with JoJo in good care
Where did you grow up...Sydney
Last thing you did...had ice cream
What are you wearing...bright colours
Your TV...on
Your Pets...happy
Your life...busy at the moment
Your mood...cheerful
Missing someone...Dad
Something you aren't wearing...winter clothing
Favourite Store...this is hard...I like them all!!!
Favourite, blue
When was the last time you
Last time you cried...watching the news
Your best friend...always positive
One place I go to over and over...beach
One person who emails me regulary...more than 1
Favourite place to be...with family
To pass this onto six blogs was very I'll go over the top by 1 and pass this Award on to...
Clarity ... whose W0nderland I thoroughly enjoy
Janey ... who does great scrapbooking of family pics on her blog
Kath ... her crafty life in an English Railway cottage
Millie ... whose life with MOTH always makes me chuckle
Natalija ... over in Italy
Natima ... my good Friend
Vicki ... who I have fun with doing Cook-Ups
Thank You Bev for this 'Over The Top Award'!!!
And this Award from dear sweet Clarity I'd like to pass on to all my regular readers and blogging I think you are all Kreativ Bloggers!!!
Thank You Clarity!!!
Have a great weekend everybody...and I hope you can all get to cool off somehow...Dzintra


Anonymous said...

Hello Dzintra!
Wow - what a post full of happiness! Fun swap, cool post-its, fab Berry Clafoutis, and an award! :)
Let's see - this week we had a blizzard & shoveled A LOT of snow, made pork chops & au gratin potatoes (great Winter meal) and I'm keeping the woodstove going.
Yep - your week sounded a whole lot more fun! :) Thanks for popping by my little blog. I love visiting yours! Oh, and I wanted to tell you how much I love your blog banner - beautiful!

Janey said...

Hi Dzintra, Fantastic post, really made me chuckle, and my mouth water with those food photos. Thanks for the award. lol. I will post about it later on after I have thought about answers for all those questions :) Have a great weekend my friend.
Love and hugs Janey xxx

Simone de Klerk said...

I love the post-its you found. Now that is really something for you. Mmmmmmmm and the desert looks so good.
Congratulations with your awards!
Have a lovely weekend (O:

Kath said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your lovely Husband, I hope you have a wonderful special meal to celebrate. I do love cheesecake, so I will be keen to see how it turns out. Thankyou for the award, how very thoughful and kind of you. No need to cool down here in England, it's dreary, grey and damp :)

RitaGri said...

Ir interesanti lasīt tvas ziņas un apskatīt foto.No tava bloga mācos arī angļu valodu!Jauku nedēļas nogali
vēl Rita Latvijā
P.S.Vai un kā svinējāt Latvijas dzimšanas dienu?

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Your photo of the frozen berries, is a work of art, in itself. Really.

I take it that you don't have the opening of 'New Moon' this weekend...
Micki is going this weekend, and so are others in my family. But my d-i-law and I are waiting till the early show, on this coming Monday. Less crush-of-kids, then, we hope.


Pooch Morning Glory said...

hi dzintra
im jealous.... its chilly in canada altho we have had an amazing and warm autumn.
that dessert looks AMAZING

Natalija said...

Wonderful swap :) And thank you for your award ;)


Fer said...

Those post-it notes are a great idea! The clafoutis looks very scrummy!

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Dzintra,
this is a lovely blog of yours I have found while trolling around in here, on the way to doing my own. No wonder I never get there.
I love all you recipes and will certinly try the Clafoutis.
If you can look at my site you will see a recp for Rum balls with Almond meal which are really a hit with all that try them.In older posts show that I went to Hayman Island Kitchen to watch Awards for budding chefs.
Fancy being allowed into the Hayman Island kitchen. Drool
Well hope we will become friends.
Bye for now

Notjustnat said...

Hey Dzintra, I'm back to the land of living (without DGD) again. Love the idea of your easy peasy swap. That cherry clafoutis looks yummy, hope it turned out good - Hugs Nat

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Hi Dzintra! Your posts are always the best! What a fun swap, and I can't believe its already so close to Christmas, can you?! Wow, time is flying faster and faster! LOL The Berry Clafoutis looks scrumptious! I always come here for new gluten-free recipes! (: Thank you for including me in your "Over the Top" award! Can't wait to see your delicious cook-up from Donna Hay! xxx Vicki

Bev C said...

Hello Dzintra, once again I am sure I have added a few ounces to my weight those berries look so good. What a clever lady you are finding those little stickers, I am sure the sales will hit the roof now. They certainly would make a handy little gift along with a cook book. Best wishes to you and your family.

Naturegirl said...

You surprised me with a bit of sweetness not only with your post today but with the comment that you left me on my blog! Zuzu was right on...your post is full of happiness! Nice to meet you! smiles NG

Micki said...

Happy Anniversary and the food as usual looks wonderful! So nice of you to pass on the awards. Enjoy all your celebrations!

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