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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Shopping in Provence...if only!!!

Once upon a time...actually on Friday... I was lucky enough to get some respite for our Daughter and went up to our nearest largest town...and came across this most gorgeous, beautifully set out shop...with very attentive staff...full of French soaps, shampoos, lotions potions...candles and the most divine goodies... to spoil oneself with..... of the eye-catching displays
...stepping through the entrance!!!

...And then back to my real world, the organization that helps support our girl ...and other people with a disability...put together this cookbook, (along with some assisted funding) complete with photographed recipes, and photo recipe cards... The launch for this very special book was held yesterday...a local Member was also in attendance along with staff from the organization, local newspaper and of course the participants. And how proud they were at this achievement after many months of dedicated hard lovely to see it all!!! And how my heart swelled up with pride also to be there and watch their very happy faces as they received their very own copy of the book...along with a well-deserved handshake!!!
...and just to finish off, a beach shot...taken late afternoon at low tide. Nothing like a beach walk and paddle to finish off a day (especially after being in Provence)!!!


A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I bet there were lots of beauty products smelling of lavender - one of my absolute favorites. How nice for everyone that the cookbook is finished and something to be proud of. And to top it all off - for you - that gorgeous view of the beach. I hope you have many more lovely moments over the holidays. (And always.)

Caroline said...

Oh how lovely! I love that's bliss on the senses! Your beach shot is stunning by the way...ahhhhhhhh!

a good yarn said...

L'Occitane is such a beautiful store. One is transported to France in an instant. Sometimes it's enough to be surrounded by such things just to recharge the soul.

Congratulations on the book launch. It's shameful that government doesn't do more to support the families of the disabled.

Do you really live so close to the beach? How wonderful to be able to relieve the stresses of the day with a walk along the beach.

Ann :)

chiara said...

a wonderful shop and a wonderful mission is yours..the pictures you see are from last snow here until now!hugs

Millie said...

I love L'Occitane too Dzintra! I always buy their Lemon Verbena Hand wash to have close by the kitchen sink. Each time I use it I'm instantly transported away to somewhere beautiful.

I love Community cookbooks - they are just the best. Some of my very favourite recipes have come from a couple I've bought over the years. I hope yours is a huge success!
Millie ^_^

Fer said...

The shop looks lovely, you could do some serious spoiling in there!

Congratulations on the recipe book, I hope it raises some much needed funds.

The beach! Must be much warmer up your way, it's still pretty cold down here!!

Kris said...

That shop looks gorgeous! Love the beach shot too. The beach is so relaxing!

vicki archer said...

The cookbook sounds like a triumph and I am sure you were instrumental in all the organization. Enjoy the beach and I shall enjoy Provence - isn't it wonderful that through our blogs we can escape into each other's worlds. Happy Christmas to you and your family and a healthy 2009, xv.

MelsRosePlace said...

I love that store too..a new one opened up about 15 mins from me so i am very happy. I love their candles. Sounds like you had a great day all in all...the cookbook looks great and i am sure there are some delicious recipes in there to tempt...Mel xxx

Sea Angels said...

This is simply a portal into a different world...I can barely imagine the serenity and warmth of your beautiful beach,how very comforting after a hard day testing ALL those gorgeous fragrances ha ha..

My favorite is the Lavender and the vanilla and their lovely shape of soaps in Lemon Verbena
are well...just fab.
Solstice Blessings
Hugs Lynn xx

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