This blog is all about me......I come here for respite in between caring for JoJo (our Daughter who has Special Needs)......I am addicted to starting new projects......I am becoming a fabric-a-holic... I love to try out recipes... take a beach walk and breathe in that salty blue to have coffee...sip a glass of a book......I am Queen of the Armchair and am inspired by all the wonderful blogs out there!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I Can Have My Cake Too...

Look what my thoughtful Hubby brought home for me last week ...Gluten Free Cakes to enjoy... and this will last a few days too as I savour them!!! My very own lemon meringue pie, caramel slice, a slice of poppy seed cake and delicious hazelnut slice with a chocolatey centre ...yumm. Being able to buy these I can indulge along with others at tea time, coffee time...and yes even pink champagne time!!! I can even have from there ...Turkish Bread - delicious dipped in good olive oil and dhuka that we can purchase from a local winery...and even a baguette!!! Not to mention fruit breads and buns, pumpkin loaf, Farmhouse loaf ... a great variety for all the gluten intolerant folks out there. And we have a wedding anniversary...our girl is off to a craft group for a few hours and Hubby is home today and we will go out for lunch somewhere... so I better get going and make the most of it all...hope you enjoy your day and I'll think of you at lunch!!!


Fer said...

Happy anniversary!

Mmmmm, lemon meringue pie!

a good yarn said...

Happy Anniversary. I hope you have an enjoyable day.

Your gluten free treats look scrummy. My regular cafe has a variety of GF ckes, etc. I enjoy them as much as the regular ones.

You deserve to be spoiled!

Cheers...Ann :)

MelsRosePlace said...

Yummy sounding food - what year anniversary is it? Happy anniversary to you both. We are up to 20 yrs on 10 December, it was a bicentennial wedding lol (1988) , Mel xxx

BJnR said...

35 years hey, good on you mum and dad. congratulations !

love jac
ps good blogging :)

Christine said...

a very happy anniversary to you, Dzintra.

Lemon Meringue is my very favorite of all and that looks lovely...
thank you so much for coming to visit me, I appreciate it so very much.
thank you too,for the lovely the well wishes for our new grand baby on the way, it is wonderful being a grandma, isn't it?!

our blog is very pretty and your flowers are just beautiful,
thank you again,

Annabelle said...

Happy Anniversary!
Hubby sounds like he is a your day with honey and sweets.
Thanks for your lovely visits,
Hugs Annabelle

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