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Monday, August 10, 2009

Surprise Gifts...and a Hot Chocolate Finish!!!

Close up from a pic on my new shelves below...
Wow...on Friday I came home with JoJo to 2 for each us!!!
What a wonderful unexpected surprise from Bev over at Kainga Happenings

Machine embroidered...all ready to turn into something special...mmm thinking of a "Royal Cushion'...maybe even make it my logo!!!

a lovely card with the words...
Dishes done, papers read, children snuggled into bed
Hours past the setting sun -
I count my by one
~Artwork Designs by D. Morgan~

and a stitchery for JoJo as well...with a windmill and water tank!!!

JoJo's card with the words...Variations old and new...
His rhapsody in green and blue...
~Artwork by D. Morgan~
Very apt seeing we live near the sea!!!
Thank you so very much dear Bev...we are both completely over the moon with your generosity!!! We raved about these all weekend!!!

And to follow on from a previous post about our sewing area my Hubby over the weekend finished these they are all nicely organized to start with...we'll see how long they stay that way...

A full pic of the Dresden Plate table mat purchased at the Craft Fair last week...can't resist those warm Autumn colours...

On a visit up to the big smoke recently I came across some flaked chocolate from Koko Black...the pack came complete with a recipe for Hot Chocolate...

100ml each of milk and thickened cream
50g Koko Black Dark Chocolate Flakes
sugar and chilli powder (optional)

Pour the milk and cream into a cup and stir to blend, heat 90 seconds approx
or alternately warm on stovetop
Whisk in chocolate flakes, sugar as desired and 1/4t chilli
Stir thoroughly...relax and enjoy
How easy is I think I'm off to try this on this chilly evening!!!


Mildred said...

Those cocoa flakes look yummy!
I love all your goodies, especially JoJo's windmill. The colors for your Dresden plate are so warm.

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

I love your new shelves! They are full of lovely and interesting things. I wished mine were so organized. The garden has kept me too busy to work on inside things. Fall is coming soon though.

The Arm Chair embroidery is sooo lovely! It would make a beautiful logo! By the way, I noticed the change in your blog and have forgotten to say how much I like it! I love the castle, and ... actually, why am I listing them? I love the whole thing! (:

The chocolate flakes are so inviting. I can't wait for fall when my garden has gone to bed and I can spend time indoors with a hot cup of cocoa~ xxx Vicki

Micki said...

The machine embroidery was wonderful! it would be a nice logo.

Annabelle said...

Everything is so wonderful!
Would be nice not to feel like your cheating yourself or the garden by spending time indoors but soon enough it will cool down and then indoor fun begins.Sorry Dzintra but I have been quite sick this past week, just getting back on track this evening. I'll take a look tomorrow for you and see what I can do with the banner.

Hugs Annabelle

Notjustnat said...

Lucky girls. What nice machine embroidery samplers! I like the windmill block for JOJO - Enjoy

Bev C said...

Dzintra and JoJo, I am so glad that you liked them. I am still surprised how quick they got to you. Enjoy that hot chocolate. I can just about taste it. Happy days.

Fer said...

Lucky you!!

A little bit of storage can go a long way. With no built-ins my house has always been a challenge.

That hot chocolate looks divine!

Sandi said...

Lovely surprises from Bev, she sounds like a lovely generous person.
The hot chocolate does sound rather decadent. (am unsure about the chilli tho)

vosges paris said...

hey Long time not
'seen' hope you and your healt are well ;) I am doing okay now as well Had a nice relaxing summer and enjoying my last vacation week with painting and decorating around the house (what is new hah!) Thanks for you congratulations, I was well surprised winning the give away How sweet;)

All the best to you and the dolce vita !

Sea Angels said...

I have never been knowingly envious of Winter..but with choc flakes like those.....I am seriously very very GREEN!!!!!how simple and how divine.
I also love the embroidered tag, how appropriate and how kind.
Lots of choccy hugs Lynn xxx

Jeni said...

What a lovely surprise.... for when you arrived home ...I bet you felt so excited....
love your new blog by the way

Annabelle said...

Try going to my Flikr account and check out the sizes.
Copy the codes for html or picture url to your hard drive and then try it.
Let me know how it goes and if we have a working banner, I'll make the necessary adjustments for the title.
Sorry it’s giving you problems.

Hugs Annabelle

Here is my Flikr url. and good luck

Annabelle said...

Okay Dzintra,

Check out my Test Blog.....

First off I have used Blogger Dark Minima template. Once I was on my blog page I
clicked customize button and then I clicked on header .I used the large format of the StoryBook banner that I saved to my hard drive from my Flikr account that I gave you..
I checked off both (shrink to fit) and (instead of title) .It worked and you get a larger version of the banner which I think looks more appropriate…you see everything clearer, your choice. Anyway, it’s up on this blog site (
so take a look and see if you like the size and also if it works with the template you have at the moment, which is really lovely if you can make it work Again let me know how it goes. Best of luck!

Hugs Annabelle

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Love the first picture of the snow scene.

Funny, I'm not a fan of Ice and Snow. But always loved snow scenes. Probably because it brings to mind, being inside and warm, but watching snow fall outside my window. :-)

Aunt Amelia

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