This blog is all about me......I come here for respite in between caring for JoJo (our Daughter who has Special Needs)......I am addicted to starting new projects......I am becoming a fabric-a-holic... I love to try out recipes... take a beach walk and breathe in that salty blue to have coffee...sip a glass of a book......I am Queen of the Armchair and am inspired by all the wonderful blogs out there!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Books, Bags and Menus

A couple of bags recently
finished ... the spotty one is a reverse of the floral one ... both in pretty colours, quite a change from the usual darker colours, quite suits our new life on the coast.

At the moment reading Susan Duncan "The House", all about living in the house that Dorothea Mckellar lived in. The others recently finished while laying around not being able to do too much.

Also at present trying to do assignment - choosing 7 entrees, mains & desserts.

1. Cajun Style Salmon with Salsaa Fresco and Fried Parsnips
2. Thai Chicken Curry
3. Turkey & Kangaroo Pie in Mulled Wine Sauce with Vegetable Panache

4. Crumbed Veal Escalopes with Marsala Sauce served with Turned Vegetables & Bean Bundles
5. Braised Lamb Shanks with Paysanne of Vegetables
6. Fillet Steak with Green Peppercorn Sauce ....

7. Risotto with Grilled Mushrooms. Thinking out loud here, have to work on the steak and accompaniments, probably Potato Roesti/chips/ and some sort of salad. Back to the books then ... and my six weeks isn't even up yet!!!


nollyposh said...

Hi Queenie X:-) Thanks for dropping by my bloggy... Love the look of yours by the way, for someone new at this i think i could learn one or two things off you! Sorry to hear that you are off your feet, (and i know what THAT's like!) but hey sounds like you are making the best of this time and i always ~believe~ that 'things' happen to us for a reason... So *enjoy* and ~WELCOME~ to =bloggy world= Kindest regards vicki xox

MelsRosePlace said...

Those menus made my mouth water. In answer to Nicki Pellegrino (sorry i think i spelt her name wrong b4) she has 2 books The Gypsy Tearoom and Delicious - i see you love Monica McInnerney (me too) so i think you will love them. I googled her and there is another book out 2008 so i will have to see if i can find that one. Hugs Mel xxx

Kimonos and Sushi said...

Great choices with the food. Love the bage the colours are just yummy.Just popped by for my morning visit:)Andrea

Tracy said...

Hi Queen - thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I love the bags. Very pretty! :)

Caroline said...

Can I come over for dinner? Those menus look amazing! I am not a good cook!!! My hat goes off to you!

Millie said...

Monica McInerney is a South Australian gal & I have been meaning to read her work for ages. Seeing her books on your blog has really galvanised me into action - heading to the Bookshop this arvo!
Millie ^_^

Fer said...

Cute bags!

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. The blogging world can be such a lovely place!

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