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Thursday, July 30, 2015

'Le Tour De France......With A Twist' and a Postcard from PARIS

Recently at The Batemans Bay Writers Festival I came across the above little brochure for 
'Le Tour with a twist'
and all without a bicycle in sight

I hung onto this gem for a couple of weeks and thought on the morning of 27th June I'll go to that
So organised Mr Armchair to watch JoJo (after he dropped me off at the venue of course) so I could partake in the Wine Tastings

We don't often attend events together spontaneously due to caring issues etc so a lot of the time one of us only get to go

On arrival on every table was a map of Le Tour
and I thought this is going to be so good
and it didn't let me was such a lovely couple of hours there

A little plate and French Flag on the table

Not long into the slides it was time for our first refreshments hence Drinks Station 1

I didn't partake in the Beer Tasting as I was not sure if the Beer had gluten in it as it often contains Barley/Malt but I did try the Cider

I did think of you here Fiona at Bubz Rugz lol

These little sweets were apparently made by accident back in the day and turned out to be very popular hence they are still made today

Oh time for Drinks Station 2

The next Taster......very nice too

All wine served in petite glasses, of course

This Malbec was particularly delicious

I don't have the paperwork for the next Drink Station but it too was very nice
mmmmm the whole night just flowed so smoothly and I'm so pleased I decided to go even if it was by myself

 The following week my Sister-in-Law made a day trip down to visit and brought a bottle of French wine and cheese to share

I'm looking through Shannon Bennett's Paris book as well at the moment

Meanwhile a postcard arrived for me all the way from Paris from my Friend Lindee
Thank You so much Lindee........I was so excited to receive this

I'm spending less and less time here in Bogland due to my upcoming *Paris* holiday with my Son
I'm still reading everyone's blogs but just a tad pushed for time to comment on all of them
JoJo's had some health issues........I've got stuff happening but that's typical isn't it when something big is happening
But I will get there!!!!!

4 weeks and 4 days to go........

Love Dzintra xo 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sylvia's Bridal Sampler

From my Sonoma Rose Pin

To my Sonoma Rose book

autographed by Jennifer Chiaverini of The Elm Creek book series

of which I have all so far (I think)

Plus Sylvia's Bridal Sampler

I was reading at Fiona's Blog BubzRugz that she had started Sylvia's Bridal Sampler Quilt and thought 'I think I've got that book too'
so ferreted around late one night, found it and got all excited to use my collection of 
Civil War and Reproduction Fabrics

Within a few days I had made up Chimneys & Cornerstones using mainly the Fabric Collections for a Cause - Hope, and Love along with the bottom centrepiece which (I think) is Mountain Creek Quilt Museum 1850 for Blue Hill Fabrics

I'm also lucky to have these two fabrics, Elm Creek Quilts - Gerda's Collection
 by Jennifer Chiaverini for Red Rooster Fabrics
These were bought a few years ago in Numeralla whereby a lady was selling her Mother's Collection of fabrics which filled a 2 or 3 bedroom house!!!

Maybe this was all meant to be
But I had no idea it would be now
6 and a half weeks before my Paris/Latvia trip about a distraction!!!!!!!

Never mind, my plan is 1 block a week and at this rate it will take me 2 years and 8 months but I reckon it will be closer to 3............

So let the sewing begin
To see updates of the other gals' blocks visit Fiona

Happy Sewing and in my case add Happy Packing and Getting Ready for my Trip

Dzintra xo

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

~OPAM (One Project A Month) June 2015~

For this month's OPAM from this fabric by Robert Kaufman that I have had sitting around for a while 

I made up 3 handy little bags
One  I have given as part of a gift and now I think I will keep the other 2 for myself for my trip
Not long now......8 weeks and 5 days

Thank You Sweet Peg and her Partner in Crime Kris for hosting OPAM
I'm so pleased that I can get something done every month

Much Thanks to all my Fellow Bloggers out there for reading my little blog and commenting
I'll be a bit slow getting back as I'm getting over root canal therapy (ouch)

Happy Stitching.......Love Dzintra xo

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