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Sunday, April 28, 2013

~The Birthday Food and Gifts......and Family~

Well it seems that I have eaten my way through my B I G birthday LOL

I opened up this card a week before my birthday from my dear friend Dot and out fell all these gorgeous little stars

Two days later we headed up through the historic village of Braidwood to our desination that evening for dinner

at La Scala Ristorante in Canberra

DD Jacqueline and DIL Danelle

Going left to right DS James, SIL Bill, GD Lidija, Mr Armchair, GS Ryan, Jacuqline and Danelle

Some of the food

Family pic

the cake......a gluten free chocolate mud cake

that Jacqueline decorated
all so nice and chocolatey......thank you so much for organizing this and the dinner!!!


The gifts......gorgeous necklace from my children

and a cook book from my SIL Liene
Recipes put together by a group of women who get together and cook on Mondays
I had heard of these ladies doing this but didn't realize there was a book

JoJo loved the table balloons

I received these glasses a few weeks before from my childhood friend Kerrie

My dear Friend Geo sent me these buttons by Lynette Anderson Designs

and this 1953 Australian three pence all set and ready to wear with a chain
Thank you so much Geo and Lloyd.......this coin made a flood of childhood memories come flooding back to me as I hadn't seen one for years.....and yes it was a little emotional too!!!

I had a cocktail when Mr Armchair and JoJo took me out for dinner on Birthday Eve to On The Pier

Sending a Cheers to everyone at the time!!!

More food......

The waitress came out with this Happy Birthday plate of a Mango Sauce that said Happy Birthday...
and it was all edible too......

And pic to finish off the evening.....

On Birthday morning Mr Armchair said let's go out for breakfast when JoJo had left for her day programme......yes please!!
We went to North St Cafe and Bar where they have the best Gluten Free food and cakes

I took a new glass that my Cousin Katy sent me and wondered if it was too early at 11am for some bubbles but Steph at the Cafe said no!!!

After that Mr Armchair took me to Georgie's Jewellers where we bought a new Pandora chain and a couple of charms.......I used some birthday money from MIL Velta to purchase the charm with the star on it as it reminded me of a sea shell and the beach that we are close too..... 

I came home to a gift from Nat
this lovely wallet purchased from Bangkok when she went for a visit back home there recently
Thank you so much dear's great!!!
And Fiona you'll love's in your favourite colour orange!!!

And the biggest cool is this all in a lovely crimson cover as well
I first saw one of these at GDITC (Girls Day in the Country) when Susan had one at our table
It took photos as well and I was sooooo impressed
It's great and I just love now I will be able to be portable so will bring it next time to GDITC......

And guess what, Mr Armchair and JoJo took me out to dinner again.......this time at Isabella's
Funny enough the Chef here is one that was in my class when I did my course at TAFE 

After that we came home and had this delicious Chocolate Plum Ganache cake from North Street Cafe for dessert

And a pic to finish it all off
I've had a great birthday celebration
Thank you for all the birthday greetings and gifts
I've been thoroughly spoilt
Thank you to my lovely family

And I still can't believe I'm this age
But they do say 60 is the new 50 or some even say 40 !!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

~Cooking with JoJo's Day Programme (1)...Quinoa~

Recently I went to JoJo's Day Programme and did a cooking class with the clients
Above is a pic of the Middle Eastern Bean Patties with Yogurt and Mint Sauce we all made

Here are Angie and Alan......very keen to have lunch
they sat at their places not long after we arrived and patiently waited!!!

Eddie was a very keen worker of the care workers on the day

and now posing with JoJo

The patties all lined up ready to go

Trying to do a 'cheffy' pose here whilst thinking how would Matt Moran do this LOL

From left to right here.......Alan, Adam, Angie, JoJo, Mieke and me
A very successful lunch and I'm back again tomorrow to do another one......this time a Chicken Laksa

Before trying this with the gang I did a practice run at home
The Patties are from Cooking with Quinoa by Rena Patten

Quinoa - pronounced keen-wah - is a grain, but not just any grain. It is considered to be almost a complete food. It is very high in protein, full of vitamins, gluten- and wheat-free, cholesterol-free and usually organic. And it is simply delicious. This title shows you many different ways to use quinoa.

We have just discovered quinoa in our house and love it
These patties have become a firm favourite with us!!!

Uncooked Patties


Served with Broccoli and a simple salad

* R E C I P E*

Makes could even get 15 patties.......they are a really good size
Gluten Free, Vegetarian and for Dairy Free omit Yogurt

~ 1/2C quinoa grain, rinsed and drained
1C water
2 x 400g cans red kidney beans - rinsed and drained
3 cloves garlic, grated
4 shallots or spring onions, finely sliced
1t ground cumin
1/2 - 1t chilli powder
3T chopped coriander
1 egg
salt to taste
2T olive oil


~1/2C Greek Yogurt
1T finely chopped mint
1t extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper to taste


Place quinoa in small saucepan with the water.  Bring to boil then reduce heat, cover and simmer 10m until all water is absorbed.  Remove from heat and cool.

Coarsely mash kidney beans with fork or potato masher.  
Add cooked quinoa, garlic, shallots, cumin, chilli, coriander and egg.
Season with salt and mix until all ingredients are well combined.
Divide mixture into 8 or 10....but it will do 15 smaller ones and shape into round patties.

Heat olive oil over medium heat in pan.  Add patties and cook until golden on both sides, aprox 3-4 m each side.

To make the salsa mix together yogurt, mint, oil and season as desired.

Serve the patties with the yogurt mint salsa and a garden salad.

A yummy meal highly recommended.....

Bon Appetit......Dzintra

Sunday, April 21, 2013

~Thank You Friends in Stitching~

Thank You Helen and Friends in Stitching~

Hi everybody...
thank you so much for my birthday wishes,
I had an awesome day and was thoroughly spoilt by my Mr Armchair and JoJo and by my other 2 children on the previous weekend

I am part of an on-line stitching group, Friends in Stitching which I joined this  year.  2 requirements of this group are that we participate in a birthday swap and a Christmas swap

Above is the birthday swap gift all wrapped up that I received from Helen

and one for JoJo as well
how chuffed was she as I told her it was from some 'Sewing Girlfriends'
Girlfriends is the name she gave to the gals up at Nundle for Girls Day in the Country (GDITC) and it just so suits I reckon!!!

My card and message...

And look Angels holding up a Heart with a special verse underneath

Gorgeous, gorgeous little runner, just perfect made the coffee table straight away LOL!!!
And I did specify that I like Anni Downs' designs!!!

And look here....the much coveted Friendship Tag...
I now have one special is this!!!

But wait, there's more......not 1 but 2 Tags......not bragging or anything LOL!!!
A special one with JoJo's name on it...all in soft muted colours......

She's proudly holding it up here....

A handy little Anni Downs notepad and some chocolate.......

Mr Armchair took me out for breakfast and I brought along this special glass that I received from my Cousin and had champagne at 11.00 in the morning......that's not too early is it LOL???

Thank you so much Helen for my lovely gifts......they are just awesome!!!

So a big Cheers to all you Sewing Girlfriends......nothing like being 30 (again)!!!

Love Dzintra xoxo

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